Open Art Project

The graphic visualization for concerts in the Mahen / Janáček Theatres (2018 – 2019-2020-2021)

The authors (drawings and paintings) are young artists with disabilities – Jakub Čech, Petr Kolař, Ondřej Farkas, Zuzana Kadlcová, Pavla Pravdíková, Lucie Němcová and Tomáš Koudelka. Furthermore  instructors and students of the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University are Mgr. Tereza Mikulova, Bc. et Bc. Jitka Novotna, Mgr. et Mgr. Jana Šimková, Bc. Lucie Hájková.  Graphic designers are from the commercial graphic studio design (Michal Běťák, 2018-2019; Petr Havíř, 2019- 2020; Sára Navrátilová, 2020-2021).

Dr. Pavel Sochor, Ph.D. has consent to the processing of personal data for the following persons within the meaning of Regulation No. 679/2016 on the protection of personal data of individuals (hereinafter “GDPR”).

The aim of the unique OPEN ART project is to highlight the uniqueness and often neglected contribution of non-professional artists with disabilities in the area of culture. The aim is also to introduce a model of the employment of talented people with disabilities on the labour market in the Czech Republic based on international inclusive principles and values. An important part of the project is the involvement of artists with disabilities in commercial projects, the ability to compete in a competitive environment and become part of professional creative teams.

The sample of created posters:

Zuzana Kadlcová, a young artist with diagnosed autism, co-designed the first visualization of the February concert of the band The Celtic Social Club. The poster and banner are included here.

celtic social club

Young artists Ondřej Farkas, with Asperger’s syndrome, Jakub Čech, with Down syndrome, Pavla Pravdíková, with autism and Lucie Němcová, with autism, co-designed the second visualization of the Radůza concert in March. The poster and banner can be seen here on the website of the National Theatre, Brno.


Young artists Petr Kolař, with autism, and Jakub Čech, with Down syndrome, participated in the third visualization of the March concert of the band Zrní. You can see the materials here.


The young author Pavla Pravdíková, with autism, participated in the fourth visualization, this time for Vladimír Mišík’s concert in April with his band ETC.Posters can be seen here.


Young artists Ondřej Farkas, with Asperger’s Syndrome, Pavla Pravdíková, with autism, and Tomáš Koudelka, co-designed the fifth visualization of Karel Plíhal’s concert. Posters can be seen here.


Young authors Lucie Němcová and Ondřej Farkas with autism co-designed the sixth visualization of Hana and Petr Ulrychovi and their guests Javory’s concert Javory Beat. Posters can be seen here.




We start the new season with a poster for the concert of Bára Zmeková, the appearance of which is based on works of Jakub Čech.




The visualization of Rudy Linka’s concert was prepared by our fellow artists Ondřej Farkas and Lucie Němcová.

PLAKÁT Rudy Linka


Lucie Němcová collaborated with the graphic artist Petr Havíř on the visualization of the Vienna Orchestra’s concert.


Zuzana Kadlcová collaborated with the graphic artist Petr Havíř on the visualization for Stromboli.



Lucie Němcová collaborated with the graphic artist Petr Havíř on the visualization of the concert.


Pavla Pravdíková collaborated with the graphic artist Petr Havíř on the visualization of the concert for Poletíme? and Rudolf 40. 


Not only Lucie Němcová collaborated with our graphic artist Sára Navrátilová on the visualization of concerts for 2021. Find out more at:


We invite you to the autumn concert season!

The last poster in 2021 for Bára Poláková’s concert was created thanks to a painting of Lucie Němcové.

In the new year we can look forward to further cooperation with NdB Brno. Lucie Němcová helped create the poster for the Žalman 75 concert again

The poster for Radůza’s performance (already the second of our production!) Was created thanks to joint work of  Onřej Farkas, Pavla Pravdíková, Lucie Němcová a Jakub Čech.

The basis for creating a poster for the concert of the “baby-punk” band Kašpárek v rohlíku designed by Jakub Čech.

Current information on the concerts can be found on the NdB website HERE.