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Location: Inclusive Education Research Institute, CVIDOS, Faculty of Education, Poříčí 31A

Curators: Pavel Sochor, Jitka Novotná, Lucie Hájková

Opening: 16 December 2020, online

Duration: 16 December 2020 – 30 May 2021

Exhibition catalogue:

Katalog výstavy Umělcův hlas



Location: Department of Special and Inclusive Pedagogy, Faculty of Education MU, Poříčí 7

Curators: Lucie Hájková, Pavel Sochor

Opening: 1 December 2020, online

Duration: 1 December 2020 – 30 May 2021






Location: CVIDOS, Faculty of Education, Poříčí 31A, Brno

Curators: Lucie Hájková, Pavel Sochor

Opening: 1. 12. 2020, online








Location: ERA café, Zemědělská 30, Brno

Curators: Šimon Kříž and Anna Königová

Opening: 18. 2. 2019



The exhibition entitled Abs-trahere: Possibility and Ability presents the art work of untrained artists working in the Open Art Studio in Brno. From the point of view of contemporary art, the designation Outsider Art can be assigned to their artwork. Under the aforementioned term, one can imagine talented creators who have not been touched by the art education process and who create for themselves or for pleasure. The exhibition paintings show art in a raw state and reflect the authors’ inner feelings. Each of the exhibited works bears the authenticity of the author’s unmistakable hand. Throughout the exhibition, non-figurative and non-objective painting prevails, with an emphasis on inner experience. The abstracting process is seen as a bridge to the ability to see the world in a different, authentic way, based on real experience. In this way, a new reality can be reconstructed.

In the 20th century, artists such as Paul Klee, Max Ernst and Jean Debuffet were impressed by this genuine artistic expression, which is not influenced by current art trends. These days, Outsider Art artists record their own world and show that they no longer have to be culturally isolated, as Debuffet mentioned earlier. Outsider Art has gained a strong position in the visual arts and also serves as an inspiration for many trained artists. It is clear that their art is well thought out, while the creation of the exhibited artists was created by an internal urge to create or simply by chance. It is this authentic expressiveness that is hidden in their creations, although it may not be obvious at first sight. It is important to know how the author went through the process of creating the work, because only the story of the creative act gives full value to the author’s work.



Contract for visualization for concerts in Mahen / Janáček Theatres (2018 – 2019). More information here.




EXHIBITION PROJECT – World according to Lucie 2017-2018

Organizers: Ministry of Healthcare Czech Republic in cooperation with Open art studio in Brno (IVIV)

Location: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Palackého nám. 375/4, 128 01 Prague 2

Opening: 8.11. 2017 – 10.1. 2018, Prague /2

Single exhibition – author: Lucie Němcová (artist)

Exhibition curator: Pavel Sochor






Organizers: Open art studio in Brno (IVIV) with cooperation of Café Práh

Opening: 2.5. 2017, 15.00, in Café Práh, Vaňkovka 1, Brno

Authors: Jakub Čech, Tomáš Koudelka, Ondřej Farkas, Ivona Záborská, Zuzana Kovářová, Pavla Pravdíková, Petr Kolář, Lucie Němcová

Exhibition curators: Pavel Sochor, Tereza Mikulová, Vendula Skotáková, Jitka Novotná





EXHIBITION PROJECT – THE STORY OF OTHERNESS II. (presentation of works by Tomáš Koudelka and Jiřina Bartůňková)

Organizers: Domov bez zámku Náměšť nad Oslavou (social care center) in cooperation with Open art studio in Brno (IVIV), under the auspices of the Vysočina Region and the Domov bez zámku

Exhibition curator: Pavel Sochor

Opening: 8.2. 2017, 14:00, in Pohodička caffeteria






Location: Gallery RUV, Faculty of Education at Masaryk university, Poříčí 9, Brno

Opening: 30. 11. 2016, 17.00, in the RUV Gallery

Authors: Collective exhibition of the authors of the studio

Accompanying programme: Six hour-long discussions of authors and the curator with the public on the theme of the exhibition “Art in its Raw State and the Art of Outsiders”.

Supported by the MKČR project Support of artistic creation of authors with disabilities in an art studio (49-12788 / 2015-ZPO / ORNK).


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Sample of texts from the catalogue:


Galerie RUV

30,11. – 31. 12. 2016

Exhibition curator: Mgr. Pavel Sochor, Ph.D.

The exhibition catalogue aims to present individual exhibiting artists and their works of contemporary art seeking the boundaries between art brut, outsider art and disability art. The collective group exhibition is being presented for the first time in the Brno environment and at a university. The aim of the exhibition curator is to present the authors to the professional and lay public. It is the first time for all the authors that they have exhibited on this scale and in a professional artistic environment. Preparations for the collective exhibition took place throughout 2016.

The central idea of ​​the exhibition concept is the paradigm of otherness in artistic discourse. Each exhibiting author reflects their autonomous otherness through their work. In the case of the exhibitors, the already mentioned concept of otherness is connected with their life stories. Similar stories of foreign artists of art brut, outsider art and their innovative visual language have influenced contemporary culture and supported its inclusive trends. With its principles, contemporary European culture promotes diversity and otherness, and is a unique space for the acceptance of each person’s originality. In an inclusive culture, the creative space is open to every person according to their creative abilities and skills. In this concept, art is a universal tool for supporting groups or communities of citizens and their full participation in society. The exhibiting authors with disabilities (authors with otherness) show that they are not merely “objects” of social-cultural presentations, but they also make them themselves and thus contribute to the creation of cultural wealth.

Brno, 1 December 2016

Author of texts: Pavel Sochor


Article about exhibition project Příběh jinakosti:

Link – V Open Art Studiu na pedagogické fakultě se z postižených stávají umělci