Jakub Čech

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Jakub was born in 1994, lives and works in Slavkov u Brna. He is an artist with Down syndrome. He attended a kindergarten for children with special educational needs. He studied at a special elementary school, then for three years at a practical school. With considerable support from his family and friends, he completed his education and also has experience in several jobs (e.g. Technical Services of Slavkov u Brna). Jakub is a very friendly and cheerful person and likes to talk. He also has many interests. His other hobbies include dancing, bowling, pottery, photography and working around the family home. He likes to watch TV recordings of ice-hockey, Grand Prix motorcyle and biathlon. He is a fan of Kometa Brno.

His family has led him towards art work since his childhood. The artistic language of his work enables him to better communicate his experience and perception of the world. In his free time he devotes himself to painting on canvas bags. He is inspired by paintings from the history of art, which are an impetus for creating his own work. Recently artistic photography has been added to his interests, which Jakub became familiar with through his work in the Open Art Studio. His favourite subjects of photography are clouds, leaves and trees. His work is distinctive with its expressiveness and unique choice of colour range and image composition. Due to his diagnosed hypotonia, Jakub has reduced muscle strength. This can be seen, for example, when holding a brush or pressing on a brush when painting on a canvas. Jakub uses both hands while painting on a canvas. In his paintings he creates a new fantasy world with his rules. This world includes ordinary, everyday things, landscapes and people. The author is also intensively interested in the reinterpretation of selected works of Czech art brut. More about his creations at www.openartstudio.cz.

You can see a sample of his work in the gallery. If you are interested in the author’s creations, contact the studio curator.

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