Lucie Němcová

Lucie Němcová

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The author was born in 1993, and lives and works in Brno and Náměšť nad Oslavou. Lucie, thanks to the considerable support of her family and friends, finished her compulsory education and after that she completed some training courses. To cope with her everyday concerns, she relies on the support of her family. Lucie already has some work experience. Lucie loves stories, music, singing, dancing, and empathetic company. Her hobbies and optimism, along with the support of her large family, help her to cope with her personal deficits and live a normal life despite the undeniable limits.

 She has been intensively engaged in non-professional painting since 2009, when her art talent was recognized. Through painting and drawing she presents in a unique way her feelings and unique perception of the world around her, which she is able to do thanks to her otherness – autism. She thus creates specific thematic works with both charming and humorous content. She has been cooperating with Dr. Pavel Sochor, Ph.D. since she started her art work. She currently attends the Open Art Studio at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University. Artistic but also diverse handicrafts have become a pivotal activity through which she discovers and develops her other skills. She presents her work as a part of both individual and joint exhibition projects. She has been successful with her work in many competitions. More about Lucie Němcová’s blog at

You can see a sample of her work in the gallery. If you are interested in the author’s creations, contact the studio curator.

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