Ondřej Farkas

Ondřej Farkas

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Ondřej was born in 1991 and currently lives and does art in Brno. In childhood he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Thanks to his interest, precision, perseverance and family support, he trained as a weaver, basket-maker and is now studying leather work.

Ondřej has been involved in many interests and hobbies for a long time. He regularly attends a ceramic workshop, where he creates products for daily use (flower pots, etc.). He can create woven baskets from pedig for which he chooses a single combination of colours. He likes cycling and rambling with his family. He is interested in calendars, crosswords, numbers, puzzles, mosaics and is a fan of trams and their history.

Art is a way of personal expression for him. Ondřej’s work is characterized by a conceptual approach to the processing of various topics. As part of his art work he carefully emphasizes the composition of the picture to the smallest detail. Recently, he has been involved in painting portraits in his non-professional art work. He often uses an ornament as a decorative element that serves to beautify or divide buildings, interior walls, surfaces, textile fabrics and objects of daily use. His non-professional art work is classifiable into art brut or outsider art.

You can see a sample of his work in the gallery. If you are interested the author’s creations, contact the studio curator.

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