Pavla Pravdíková

Pavla Pravdíková

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Born in 1986, she currently lives and works in Mělčany (outskirts of Brno). Pavla is a young artist with diagnosed autism. She lives with her parents in a house with lots of animals, which are a frequent inspiration for her work. She needs personal assistance for many activities. Pavla finished primary and secondary vocational school at Kociánka in Brno with the huge support of family and friends. Since 2015, she has been attending the Day Care Centre Hand for Life (Ruka pro život) in Brno. The beginnings of her inner need to create art go back to 1994, when she had a long convalescence due to severe illness. The focus of her contemporary work is writing stories about people and illustrating them, which forms a specific part of her non-professional art and literary work. Through drawing or through drawing and writing a story, she reacts to the world around her.

She often bases her work on real people who are often affected by their disabilities, their situations and experiences. Pavla often uses crayon drawing techniques and acrylic paints. She likes to experiment and has no lack of her own themes. It is this directness and expressiveness associated with her otherness that gives rise to a unique representation of otherwise absolutely everyday objects. Her work is classifiable as art brut.

You can see a sample of her work in the gallery. If you are interested the creations of the author, contact the studio curator.

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