Zuzana Kadlcová

Zuzka Kadlcové

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Zuzana was born in Brno in 1996 and she lives and works in Brno. Zuzana Kadlcová is a young author with diagnosed autism who developed her artistic talent mainly under the guidance of art therapist Radka Zábojová from the Brno KREAT studio. These days, she also devotes her time to painting at home, and she still attends the Open Art studio at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University under the guidance of Pavel Sochor, Ph.D. In our society, Zuzana has many barriers that bring her considerable difficulties, but she is able to overcome them with the support of family and loved ones. Zuzana has many personal limitations that affect her quality of life. Despite this, she undoubtedly also has exceptional artistic talent and creative artistic thinking. Her work is expressive and intuitive, as if the author’s mood is reflected in them. She paints what she lives, and she shows what enthuses and inspires her. She often creates based on a template, not because she seeks to faithfully capture it, but to meet her momentary need for artistic expression. Creativity satisfies her, allowing her to develop her rich imagination. Besides painting, she likes to watch Japanese series, she dances to pop music, and collects pony figures. One of her greatest hobbies is constellations and zodiac signs, and she is also interested in national flags and anthems, and the English and Latin designations of animals and things.

You can see a sample of her work in the gallery. If you are interested the creations of the author, contact the studio curator.

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